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Testing and Quality Assurance

As mentioned earlier, Quality has always been our priority. Our products are certified as per IS: 9537 (Part III) Standards. In order to assure best quality, all the tests are conducted in house as per the Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS), on a regular basis. The following tests are conducted by our qualified engineers, in a well equipped and certified Laboratory:

Marking Test Marking parameters like manufacturer's name, nominal sizes, country of manufacture, strength & standard mark are tested under this. Also a test for durability of marking is conducted.
Dimension Test The attributes tested in this are Maximum and Minimum Outside and Inside Diameter, Length of conduit and uniformity of wall thickness.
Construction Test The requirements specified under this test are that the inside and outside surface of conduit are reasonably smooth and free from burrs, flash and similar defects; and the edges over which the conductors or cables are likely to drawn does not damage the cable or conductor.
Mechanical Property The tests conducted for mechanical properties are the bending test, compression test (during and after the load), Impact test and Collapse test.
Resistance to Heat The diameter of impression should not exceed 2mm.
Resistance to Burning Flame of the sample should have died out in less than 30 seconds after removal of the burner.
Electrical Characteristics Test Electrical strength and Insulation Resistance are tested under this step.